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Our expertly designed insoles for Plantar Fasciitis are from our clinical range which is in use throughout the UK podiatry profession.

Salfordinsole Orange


Use them with confidence!

"... given me the joy of walking again!" - Robert

If you have a sharp, stabbing pain under your heel, then you are suffering from a common complaint called Plantar Fasciitis.


It is caused by over-pronation (flattening of the foot) and is routinely treated by podiatrists and physiotherapists, to great effect, with FIRM arch-support insoles that reduce the stresses on the Plantar Fascia and cure your heel pain.



Salfordinsole Orange
Salfordinsole Orange


Salfordinsole Orange

Cure Heel Pain

Money Back Guarantee

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The Salford Insole
For Plantar Fasciitis

"Worked a treat!" - Roy




Arch shape is critical. The Salford Insole is anatomically correct, having been cast off a foot during a structured, two year project that studied how to prevent conditions that are related to over pronation of the foot. Insoles that span several sizes have insufficient arch support.




The deep heel cup ensures that the foot’s fatty padding is positioned underneath the heel, providing natural shock absorption.



Individual sizing is essential to effectiveness – we don’t buy shoes that are S, M & L and our feet are not measured to be, for example, size 6 - 8.5 as many insoles are sized. People between sizes can use either the size above or the size below. Always prioritise fit to the foot as opposed to what size different manufacturers say their shoes are. Adult feet do not change in size.



  • Length - Shorter insoles (called ¾ length) can move around in footwear, lessening their effectiveness as the features of the insole become misaligned with the anatomy of the foot.


  • Shape - The signature shape of the Salford Insole was developed to fit in the widest possible range of footwear. This involved extensive trials and visits to shoe shops!


  • Thickness - The Salford Insole is as thin as it could possibly be made, with fit in shoe being an absolute priority.


  • Cover - Top covers are unnecessary and simply harbour bacteria - socks will wick away sweat from the foot. The Salford Insole is machine washable.


  • Material - The material was developed specifically for this product. It needed to be firm yet flexible and to function consistently and indefinitely. The Salford Insole has a lifetime guarantee and is also 100% recyclable.


  • Weight - For the boffins out there, the material has a specific gravity of 0.97, meaning the insoles will actually float in water. Weight was a major consideration for sports users.


Salfordinsole Orange

Try them with confidence!

Are insoles supplied in pairs?


Yes. They should also be worn as a pair, unless specifically advised otherwise by a clinician. Insoles will create posture improvements that are best mirrored to both limbs. They can also generate slight elevation changes. If you have continued problems with only one limb, see a professional to check for leg length difference (which isn’t uncommon).


How long will they last?


Indefinitely. They carry a lifetime wear guarantee and will function consistently, indefinitely.


Why might I need insoles?


Most of us would benefit from arch support insoles. Our feet are not designed to walk on hard surfaces and most footwear has insufficient support. Our feet are designed to pronate but not over pronate (or flatten). There are a number of pronation related conditions of the foot, ankle and knee, that can be eliminated quickly and permanently by effective arch support.

Should I wear them all the time?


Yes, or (at least) whenever practical. Your feet will benefit from arch support whenever you are on a hard surface, whether running, walking or even just standing. This includes around the house, which is often overlooked (slippers are mostly ineffective).


Should I remove any existing insoles?


Yes. Our insoles are designed to provide all the support you need. Any existing insole or liner will just distort the effect.

What does “evidence-based” mean?


The geometry of the Salford Insole was proven during two years of patient trials.


How long has the Salford Insole been around?


We’ve been supplying the NHS and the professional podiatry profession for nearly fifteen years. Since the first lockdown associated with COVID, we’ve made this device available directly to the public. You will be investing in a tried and tested device that will last indefinitely.


Should I get soft insoles for extra comfort?


No. A lot of marketing material promotes soft cushioning for painful heels (in the case of Plantar Fasciitis), but this is targeting the symptoms and not the cause. Firm is best for active people.


How important is footwear choice?


Very. Footwear should be well fitting and fit for purpose. Most footwear is produced cheaply, with only notional attempts at providing accurate arch support. This is particularly common with most company issued safety and/or occupational footwear. Footwear choices should be made with insoles in mind for those of us that need them. As shoes age, the way they function becomes inconsistent – this is particularly common with high mileage runners where shoes can still look new but the foamed heel begins to fail.



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