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Salfordinsole Custom Orthotics Service

Direct Milled CADCAM Insoles

Salfordinsole offers an established, state of the art Custom Insole Service for Healthcare Professionals. 

This is a pre-paid service that can be accessed via this portal in three easy steps:

  1. Click through and place your order selecting size, material, any offloading requirements and top cover choice.

  2. Download and complete the Prescription Form PDF with any other features such as wedging, raises, cavities, domes, bars etc. (placement should be marked in foam where necessary).

  3. Send the Prescription Form and foam cast to the address shown, quoting the order number on the confirmation that you received via email.


Insoles will be delivered to you in 14-21 days, along with a replacement foam box.

Insoles are priced at a flat rate regardless of the number of features. Postage is included.

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