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Supplier to UK Podiatry

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Prevent feet from rolling out

These unique insoles improve lateral ankle stability and prevent lateral ankle sprains.

UK's best
Underpronation insoles

University researched

Extensive patient trials

Developed by UK podiatrists

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Underpronation Insoles


Underpronation (or Supination) is a common condition where your weight rolls onto the outer (lateral) edges of your feet. It is the opposite of overpronation and often results in footwear wearing on the outer edge.

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The risks from underpronation


Underpronation may not cause any particular discomfort but often leads to lateral ankle instability with a heightened risk of ankle sprain.

Why the Salford Insole?


The Salford Insole with Lateral Wedge Technology is designed specifically to support the outer (lateral) edge of the foot and will fit perfectly into all types of recreational and sports footwear.

These insoles are from our clinical range which is in use throughout the UK podiatry profession and you can use them with confidence.

They will work consistently and indefinitely.

Insoles that do not provide lateral support will be ineffective in controlling underpronation.

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Established clinical brand

Registered medical device

Individual sizes for optimum fit

Machine washable

Will never need replacing!

Guaranteed results!

The Salford Insole for



The professionals' choice

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Thank you for your help when I contacted you in the late evening a couple of days ago. I received the insoles only 30 minutes ago and I am in shock! I have had so many problems for 38 years due to an injury and operation and have never had any insoles that I have felt have helped, even custom made ones. These feel so good, even though I have only just put them in my shoes. I cannot believe that I have never come across Salford insoles before.

- Paul, London

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The insoles have given me a comfortable walking position and really helped my unstable ankle.

- Helen, Bournemouth

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