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Supplier to UK Podiatry

Insoles with a precise and accurately profiled arch and a deep heel cup, fully supporting every aspect of your foot.


NHS Approved

Proven and Permanent Fix

Developed by UK Podiatrists

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A spin-out company of

School of Podiatry

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Insoles for Flat Feet


'Flat feet' is a common postural condition where the sole of the foot comes into complete or near-complete contact with the ground when under load.

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About Flat Feet


The effect of this can contribute to problems as it adversely alters the natural alignment of your foot, ankle and knee, so an intervention is extremely beneficial.

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We have the answer

Arch support insoles are a common and effective solution for flat feet. Insoles should be firm with a precise and accurately profiled arch and a deep heel cup, fully supporting every aspect of your foot.

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Should you be treating symptoms?

Symptoms can vary as there are many conditions related to having flat feet (the real term is over-pronation), all of which involve some sort of pain or discomfort. The simple biomechanical improvement from the right insoles will improve mobility and reduce the risk of pronation related conditions developing.

In case you're thinking “why me?”


Flat Feet can affect any active individual. Our feet are not designed for hard surfaces and most footwear lacks adequate support.

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So why the Salford Insole?


The Salford Insole is widely prescribed by podiatrists and physiotherapists throughout the UK for flat feet.

It is designed (and was tested) to conform to the precise structure of your foot and provides unrivalled arch support.

Proven to improve posture immediately.


They fit a wide range of footwear and will work consistently and indefinitely.

Soft, non-supportive insoles will be ineffective.

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Established clinical brand
& registered medical device

Accurate arch profile & deep heel cup correctly position & support feet in entirety

Improve posture & mobility

Prevent over pronation

Individual sizing for optimum fit

Hygienic,  machine washable, dry instantly

Will never need replacing!

Salford Insoles for

Flat Feet




Anybody who is looking seriously for effective arch support insoles should invest in these.

- Stuart, Podiatrist

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These insoles have worked wonders for my 13 year old son who has flat feet. He has always walked a little heavily/awkwardly and the difference they have made to the way he walks and runs is amazing. He's literally changed overnight from being reluctant to play sports to really enjoying being active with his friends - I can’t quite believe the transformation. Thank you!

- Erika, Hereford

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Absolutely the best £30 I’ve ever spent and the only insoles that have provided effective support.

- Charlotte, Leicester

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