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Supplier to UK Podiatry

Improve stability and agility

These uniquely effective insoles will promote natural foot biomechanics for flat feet.

UK's best insoles for
Flat Feet

University researched

Extensive patient trials

Developed by UK podiatrists

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Researched by

Insoles for

flat feet


Flat feet is not a disability, it is an easily treated hereditary condition that is usually identified in young and growing children.


The same condition in older people is called fallen arches which can be just as easily treated.

What are the risks from flat feet?


Flat feet are not necessarily anything to worry about but can contribute to a general lack of stability/agility for people who would like to be more active. In this respect, an intervention can be extremely beneficial.

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Why the Salford Insole?


The Salford Insole proivides uniquely effective arch support, helping to restore the arch of the foot, aligning the foot, ankle and knee and allowing them to interract as they were designed.

These insoles are from our clinical range which is in use throughout the UK podiatry profession and you can use them with confidence.

They will work consistently and indefinitely.

Insoles that do not provide accurate and adequate arch support will be of no benefit to those of us with flat feet.

The Professionals' Choice

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Guaranteed results!

Unique arch support

Improve stability and mobility

Prevent future injuries

Will never need replacing!

The Salford Insole for

Flat Feet


The Professionals' Choice

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I'd pretty much given up on insoles helping with pain relief until I came across these insoles for flat feet. Thanks for the advice and explanation.

- Luke, Nottingham

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These insoles have worked wonders for my teenage son who has flat feet. He has always walked a little awkwardly/heavily and the difference they have made to the way he walks and runs is amazing. He's literally changed overnight from being reluctant to play sports to really enjoying being active with his friends - I can’t quite believe the transformation. Thank you!

- Erika, Hereford

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