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A spin-out company of

School of Podiatry

Supplier to UK Podiatry

Improve range of big toe joint

These insoles have a precise and accurately profiled arch that will reduce pronation and restore the full range of motion of your big toe joint.

UK's best insoles for

UK university researched

Extensive patient trials

Developed by UK podiatrists

About Bunions

Because most footwear lacks adequate arch support our feet can flatten during gait. This increases the pressure on the big toe area of the foot, forcing the toe joint out of alignment and forming a painful bunion.


We have the answer

Although some bunions may need surgery to correct them, many people find relief through the regular use of arch support insoles.


These support the arch of the foot and restore the range of movement in the big toe joint.

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Insoles for Bunions

The most effective insoles for bunions are firm with a precise and accurately profiled arch and a deep heel cup, fully supporting every aspect of your foot.

Soft, non-supportive insoles will be ineffective.

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Should you depend on painkillers?

No! Painkillers only treat the symptoms and simply mask the underlying problem. 

Prescription Drugs

So why the Salford Insole?


The Salford Insole is widely prescribed by podiatrists and physiotherapists throughout the UK.


Designed (and tested) to conform to the precise structure of your foot, it provides unrivalled arch support.

Accurate and consistent arch support will restore the range of motion of the big toe and provide relief from bunion pain.


It will work consistently and indefinitely.

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Established clinical brand

Registered medical device

Individual sizes for optimum fit

Machine washable

Will never need replacing!

Guaranteed results!

The Salford Insole for



The Professionals' Choice

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I honestly thought I was going to have to suffer until surgery time, but these insoles have given me huge pain relief from bunions and improved mobility. I am delighted with them. Thank you!

- Jeanette, Exeter

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