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Best Insoles for Iliotibial Band Syndrome

Supplier to The UK Podiatry &

Physiotherapy Professions

These accurately profiled insoles will reduce pronation and allow the lower limb to deal effectively with the abnormal forces placed on the knee when running.

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NHS Approved

Proven and Permanent Fix

UK Developed and UK Made

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A spin-out company of

School of Podiatry

Insoles for Iliotibial Band Syndrome

Iliotibial Band Syndrome is one of the most common causes of lateral (outer) knee pain in runners.


Although it can be referred to as Runner's Knee, it also affects other athletes, including cyclists. Poor biomechanics and over-pronation are the most common causes.

About Iliotibial Band Syndrome


The ITB extends from the muscles of your hip, along the lateral side of your thigh and knee and attaches to the tibia. Its function is to stabilise the knee, but it can become inflamed when it is pulled in directions that it does not want to go.


Symptoms are a stinging sensation just above and on the outer side of the knee where the ITB moves over the femur - also possibly below the knee where the ITB attaches to the tibia. Pain can intensify during activity and is most commonly felt when the foot strikes the ground. 

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We know how to cure it

Over-pronation is a common contributor to ITBS and well-fitting, accurately profiled insoles can reduce the abnormal forces being placed on the knee. 

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How about painkillers?

Painkillers in isolation are a bad idea because, if you continue to exercise, they mask the ongoing underlying problem. The correct insoles will address the cause by allowing the lower limb to manage ground force reaction naturally.

Prescription Drugs

In case you're thinking “why me?”


It isn’t just you. Our feet are not designed for hard surfaces and most footwear lacks adequate support.

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So why the Salford Insole?


The Salford Insole is widely prescribed by podiatrists and physiotherapists throughout the UK. It is designed (and was tested) to conform to the precise structure of your foot and provides unrivalled arch support.

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Established clinical brand

Registered medical device

Proven and permanent fix

Individual sizes for optimum fit

Machine washable

Will never need replacing!

The Salford Insole for

Iliotibial Band Syndrome



The Professional's choice.

Get Running Again Today!

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I'd almost given up on finding effective insoles for my knee pain, but I understand now that they were all too soft to make any sort of correction.  Thank you for the explanation and such a simple, permanent fix!


- Nick, Bedford

Anybody who is looking seriously for effective arch support insoles should invest in these.

- Stuart, Podiatrist

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