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Supplier to UK Podiatry

Kill big toe joint pain

These insoles have a precise and accurately profiled arch that will reduce pronation and restore the full range of motion of your big toe joint.

UK's best insoles for
Hallux Limitus

University researched

Extensive patient trials

Developed by UK podiatrists

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Insoles for

Hallux Limitus


If you went to see a biomechanics specialist podiatrist with big toe joint pain, you would be diagnosed as having a common complaint called Hallux Limitus. 

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Hallux Limitus


It is characterised by pain and stiffness in the joint of the big toe when walking and (very often) a bony enlargement or bump on top of the joint.

Overpronation (flattening of your foot during gait) dramatically reduces the range of motion of this joint meaning that it cannot disperse pressure effectively, resulting in wear and tear of the cartilage.

We know how to

cure it

Arch support insoles are routinely prescribed, to great effect, by podiatrists when treating Hallux Limitus as they restore the function of the big toe joint.

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Should you try painkillers?

No! Painkillers only treat the symptoms and simply mask the underlying problem. Also, if left untreated, this condition can progress to become Hallux Rigidus where the joint loses all ability to function.

Prescription Drugs

You might be thinking “why me?”


Hallux Limitus can affect any active individual. Our feet are not designed for hard surfaces and most footwear lacks adequate support.

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So why the Salford Insole?


The Salford Insole is widely prescribed for Hallux Limitus by clinicians throughout the UK.

It is designed (and was tested) to conform to the precise structure of your foot and provides unrivalled arch support.


Accurate and consistent arch support will restore the range of motion of the big toe.

It will work consistently and indefinitely.

 Soft, non-supportive insoles will be ineffective.

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The Salford Insole for

Hallux Limitus


Established clinical brand

Registered medical device

Individual sizes for optimum fit

Machine washable

Will never need replacing!

The professionals' choice

Guaranteed results!

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Well, the proof was in the wearing. I’m still a little shocked at the ease with which my toe joint pain was cured having suffered dreadfully in recent months. Very happy!

- James, London

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I’d become convinced that surgery was my only option, but these insoles have given me enormous relief from the pain in my big toe. Thank you for the advice and explanation!

- Sophie, Norwich

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My physio recommended these and they have turned my life around. I have severe arthritis in my big toe but I am now virtually pain free when walking. Will definitely recommend!

- Christine, Tunbridge Wells

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