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Insoles for Ski Boots


Most ski boots, even the most expensive ones, are supplied with a generic footbed that provides little or no arch support and permits movement in the boot.


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Best Insoles


The best quality insoles are an essential part of your setup that will increase your comfort and enjoyment of skiing and improve your performance.


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The Salford Insole

For Ski Boots

The Salford Insole for Ski Boots is designed to conform to your foot completely and accurately, holding the foot in its neutral position within the boot and eliminating the void between boot and foot for a perfect fit.


This promotes natural foot function in terms of dealing with the stresses of skiing and maintaining good blood flow, keeping your feet warm and less prone to fatigue, helping you to perform better and for longer on the slopes.

Insole geometry guarantees total contact with foot at all times

This disperses stress naturally throughout the foot and promotes normal blood flow

Improve stance, balance and confidence

Achieve greater control of your skis

Enjoy skiing for longer, with warmer feet, that are less tired

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Family Sizing


Salford Insoles are individually sized for a superior fit and are available in children's sizes from size UK 12/EU 30 through to an Adult Size 11/EU 46.

They are machine washable, will work consistently and last indefinitely.


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Guaranteed Results!

Salford Insoles for

Ski Boots




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Anybody who is looking seriously for effective arch support insoles should invest in these.

- Stuart, Podiatrist

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Better than any of the £300 custom made orthotics I've bought over the years!

- David, Bristol