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The Salford Insole for Lateral Ankle Instability (Pair)



These Salfordinsole™ Lateral Wedge Technology insoles improve lateral ankle stability and prevent lateral ankle sprains.


  • UK University researched
  • Extensive patient trials
  • 100% guaranteed results
  • UK developed and UK made
  • Free UK shipping

The Salford Insole for Lateral Ankle Instability (Pair)

    1. These insoles will immediately improve lateral ankle stability by supporting the lateral (outer) aspect of the foot from the moment of heel strike, through the remainder of the gait cycle.
    2. Remove any loose insole or liner from the footwear to maximise the benefit of the Salford insole.
    3. Insert your new insoles – they are marked left and right on the underside.
    4. Your insoles should have an immediate effect and improve your stability – no “wearing in” period is required.
    5. They might feel unusual but not uncomfortable.


    Important: You are advised to wear your insoles whenever practical, changing them between shoes as necessary. They should certainly be worn when you are at your most active.




    Your Salford insoles can be machine washed quite safely at 30 – 40°C or simply wiped clean with a cloth and soapy water.


    There is no need to tumble dry them.

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