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UK's Best Insoles for 

Achilles Tendonitis


NHS Approved

Extensive Patient Trials

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

✔ Fast, Free Delivery

Proven insole geometry promotes natural foot function and the additional heel support relieves your Achilles tendon.

Salfordinsole Pro-Firm insoles for Achilles Tendonitis, researched and developed by UK clinical  experts.

Reviews for this product

These really are the best insoles I've ever purchased. I really appreciate your advice regarding the heel support - that's made a massive difference.

Zeehan, April 2021

I'm amazed that after years of Achilles problems, this was such a simple fix. I'd no idea that heel support was key to avoiding tendon stress - obvious when you say it. The advice about changing my trainers more regularly was also invaluable, the heel has almost certainly collapsed in my (very) old trainers. Thank you!

Stuart, April 2021

Trust Salfordinsole™ to treat Achilles Tendonitis

The geometry of the Salfordinsole™ was developed over a two year period at the University of Salford's School of Podiatry and involved dozens of structured patient trials.

These insoles for Achilles Tendonitis are prescribed throughout the UK clinical podiatry profession and you can try them with confidence.


They come in a wide range of individual sizes for optimum performance.

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