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Best Insoles for  

Achilles Tendonitis


Achilles Tendonitis most commonly occurs among athletes who are training under challenging physical conditions (hard surfaces and sudden increases in activity levels) when running, lunging and/or jumping.

Insoles are routinely prescribed by podiatrists, physiotherapists and sports rehab specialists to reduce the stress on the Achilles tendon by supporting the heel, whilst at the same time controlling pronation. Clinicians often add a firm heel support (included) to each foot to further reduce stress on the tendon.

Soft, non-supportive insoles that do not have a deep heel cup will be ineffective.

The following insoles for Achilles Tendonitis are from our clinical range which is in use throughout the UK podiatry profession.

Use them with confidence.

Salfordinsole™ 2020

Professional Insoles for Achilles Tendonitis

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